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Healthy Schools Initiative

We’ve received funding through the Mary Black Healthy Initiative Grant to help our WHES family get active and healthy! One of the many things we have redesigned and upgraded is our school gardens. We have three gardens at the school. We have one inside the kindergarten playground fence, one outside the kindergarten playground, and one inside a kindergarten classroom. Our kindergarten and 4th grade classes plant, maintain, and harvest the garden several times throughout the year. Our cafeteria manager and classroom teachers benefit from cooking demonstrations where we go through health practices like washing our hands and keeping our space clean, literacy skills like how to read a recipe, mathematical skills like measuring solids and liquids, and of course tasting the unique, healthy snacks.


WHES students in all grade levels will participate in Choose Health Food, Fun, and Fitness(CHFF) through Clemson where they make tasty treats and learn the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. We work alongside Clemson University’s extension programs and 4H of Spartanburg to schedule and get assistance throughout the planting seasons.


Coach McGinty is a huge asset to this project. He is working with all of our students in P.E. about how to work different muscle groups and the importance of keeping your heart rate up to get physical exercise.


This grant has sparked a huge interest health and wellness through physical activity, meal planning, and healthy eating. We are looking forward to all of the many things we will continue to do and how they will positively effect our WHES family!

Coming in Spring 2018: classes will begin composting lunch scraps to tumble and add back to the soil. This is a year round project that students love being a part of!