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Woodland Heights Elementary School is proud of its PTO and all of the wonderful extras that are provided our school and our children. Many parents volunteer their time and efforts to enhance the learning environment of our school. Each year the PTO funds $400 for each regular classroom for Theme Day. Each class develops a unit of study and culminates the study with a school-wide opportunity for students to share their learning. The PTO also provides innovative instructional and technological supplies, such as a BOSE sound system, ipods and digital cameras for classroom use. These are but a few of the extras provided by our wonderful PTO. The support provided by all of the parents of our school is the backbone of the PTO's success. We are so very fortunate to have wonderful parents who are always willing to help our school and our children.

In order to get involved, contact your child's teacher.

Dear Parents,

PTO would like to make you aware of a few simple things you can do to help raise money for Woodland Heights Elementary School. These ideas will not cost you any extra money nor do they require you to sell anything. With your help, we could raise thousands of dollars for our school each year.

First, please use your smart phone to download the free app, Shoparoo. Just by downloading the app, we earn 10points. While connected to Shoparoo, choose our school, Woodland Heights. After every shopping trip, snap photos of your receipts. These receipts will give us more points. Each year Shoparoo will send our school a check based on the number of points we have earned.

Next, I know many of you buy your groceries at Ingles. If you are there, I am sure you are using your Ingles Advantage Card. You can connect your advantage card to our school, and Ingles will send us money once a year as well through their Tools for Schools Program. You may go to to connect your card, or you may complete the registration sheet below and send it into the school. We will connect your card for you.

Also, we are planning to participate in the Box Tops for Education program again this year. As you know, many of the items you already purchase have these labels. All we need you to do is to cut the box top out and send it to the school. Please send in as many as you can. Our final collection day for the fall is Thursday, October 23. We will announce another collection day for the spring.

Finally, look for special nights as the year progresses, such as a Papa John’s Pizza Night or a Chic-fil-a Night. These are great fundraisers for our school. In the process of feeding your family, you can also help our school.

Thank you so much for all you do to help make Woodland Heights a great place to be!

Your PTO